It’s been a year in the planning since Luke Bogacki turned on the win light at last year’s Million Dollar Race at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and today was the day. Former winners Jeff Verdi and Bogacki can attest to the life-changing experience it is to win a Spring Fling Million and by the end of today, one more person joined that exclusive Spring Fling Million winner’s club. But before that happened, there was one more opportunity for racers to earn some cash.

First up was the Brodix Run For The $50K where a combination of a perfect reaction time along with a dead-on the dial with a “0” earns that driver a cool $50,000. Everyone on the property was eligible for the time trial run where even the three best packages, had no one hit the perfect run, earning prizes. First place received a set of Brodix SR20 cylinder heads, second $2,000 in cash and third, a free three-day entry to the 2019 Spring Fling event.

Prior to the run, co-promoter Kyle Seipel said, “We’ve already had three perfect runs made prior to this point and I have an intuition this morning that there’s probably a 60-percent chance we’ll be handing over $50K to someone. If a perfect run doesn’t happen, I still believe it would take at least a .002 package to win the Brodix heads.”

So much for Seipel’s intuition… or his prediction, but it was quite a round with three racers setting the mark tied at .003 package. Those three; Larry Webb, Dan Northrop and Mike Bloomfield; shared the number forcing a “run-off” of sorts. Each name was put into a hat with the first pulled out; Bloomfield; receiving the heads, while Northrop walked away with $2K and Webb a three-day entry to the 2019 Spring Fling Million.

As for the main event, the Pro 38 class final, which was no-box category of cars, included many-time NHRA national event champ Dan Fletcher and Wednesday’s Pro 38 winner Andy Schmall, with both moving into round six for the class win before they integrate with the Super Pro field.

The survivors of round five, moving into round six would be naturally Schmall and Fletch, but also JR Lobner with two entries left, Dylan Stott, Aaron Kinard, Randell Reid, Dan Lafferty also with two entries, Trevor Harkema, Johnny Ezell, Peeps and Phillip Pennington.

Round six started off with the Pro 38 final where Schmall wasn’t intimidated by the 100+ NHRA national event winner Fletcher, defeating him to move into round seven of the Super Pro field. The other survivors were Lobner still with two cars, Stott, Ezell, Kinard and Reid.

In other festivities of the day, the Racer Appreciation Party included a raffle drawing for a Racetech dragster. If winning one car in the American Race Cars Dragster Shootout on Tuesday wasn’t enough, Lori Warden’s name was pulled out of the out to win another dragster. Two dragsters in one week. A Calcutta was also held where for $75, you chose a Million Dollar race entry’s name out of a hat. If your racer went the furthest, you received $10,000. Darrell Long must be also happy as his man, Aaron Kinard earned him the $10K.  

For round seven, Lobner received the bye with his first entry to move that car into the semifinals, while Stott and Kinard also advanced with Lobner’s second entry defeated by Reid.

Semifinal round, first up was Stott and Reid with Stott turning on the red-light by -.001. Lobner then made the best of his chances with a reaction time advantage to defeat Kinard. Texas vs. Kansas, Lobner vs. Reid and despite both men’s success on the NHRA side of the fence, there’s little doubt that neither has won more money for a final round.

Final round and it was Texas all the way as Reid held the starting line advantage and never looked back. “It’s really unbelievable,” said Reid, “as this was the first actual time I’ve raced all year. I want to thank my dad and my wife back home who is probably going crazy.” And with that, Reid and his crew were whisked off to a suite at the Cosmopolitan Resort in a custom limousine. 

One more day is left for the 2018 version of the K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries, another $30K to win race. You can continue to follow along with all the action as it develops by visiting www.BangShift.com, in addition to www.bracketraces.com.
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