2018 Vegas ET Bracket Finals Information Click Here

  • 8.15am Sportsman Time Run #1
  • Trophy TT1
  • Pro TT1
  • Motorcycle TT1
  • Super Pro TT1
  • Approx 9.15am Sportsman Time Run #2
  • Trophy TT2
  • Pro TT2
  • Time Only TT1
  • Motorcycle TT2
  • Super Pro TT2
  • Approx 10.30am E Gas Qualifying Run #1
  • D Gas Q1
  • C Gas Q1
  • B Gas Q1
  • A Gas Q1
  • Pro Street Q1
  • Nor Cal Top Comp Q1
  • West Coast Super Gas Q1
  • Top Sportsman Q1
  • Approx 11.30am Pro Eliminations Round 1
  • Motorcycle E1
  • Time Only TT2
  • Approx Noon Xtreme Pro Mod Quailitying Run #1 
  • Super Pro E1
  • Sportsman E1
  • Trophy E1
  • Approx 1pm E Gas Qualifying Run #2
  • D Gas Q2
  • C Gas Q2
  • B Gas Q2
  • A Gas Q2
  • Pro Street Q2
  • Nor Cal Top Comp Q2
  • West Coast Super Gas Q2
  • Top Sportsman Q2
  • Xtreme Pro Mods Qualifying Run #2 4pm

Buybacks will be Time Permitting 

etbracketseries mdJust got word that a 2-day bracket event will be added to the schedule this year...

August 25/26. Wally’s going to the winners in Super Pro, Pro, Sportsman and Motorcycle classes on the 26th. Both events will count for points this year.

Guaranteed purses like we have done all season.

Your support has made this happen.

Please share and spread the word.

Kyle Seipel

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